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Office 365 Administration can be overwhelming for a beginner. The preparation and configuration of your admin PC can be a challenge if you aren't aware of what you need to install to manage the cloud effectively. Plus it is important to be aware of limitations in your browser when you are administering multiple Office 365 tenants.

There are multitudes of technical blogs for the advanced Office 365 administrator, but nothing focused on beginners. It is for this reason I have created this blog, to guide Office 365 Administrators through all the challenges that beginners will face.

Everything you need to become a competent Office 365 Administrator is here, all in one place.

My mission in this technical blog is to provide tips, tutorials and scripts to the professional IT community, with particular focus on helping newcomers with little real world experience in Office 365.

In this blog, I will be publishing Tutorials to help you quickly create powerful scripts to manage your environment, whether it is 5 users or 500,000 users. These tutorials also cover MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication as well as Hybrid Office 365 environments.

This content will cater for various environments from small businesses with a cloud only presence to Enterprise hybrid environments managing hundreds of thousands of mailboxes.

I hope this blog helps on your journey into the world of Office 365.

Tutorials - by subject
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