Hybrid Management - Part 04 - Configure the Hybrid Connection Wizard

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Creating the Hybrid Environment via the Hybrid Connection Wizard - Link

To start migrating mailboxes and Exchange recipients to the Exchange Online, you first need to enable and configure your Exchange On-premises environment and run the Hybrid Connection Wizard.

MRS Proxy Enable
As the Exchange 2013 server is Internet facing for the Hybrid configuration, the server will need be MRS Proxy enabled. To confirm if the server is mrsproxy enabled, run the following script -

Exchange PowerShell -
Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory | fl server,mrs*
As you can see by the output, the server is not mrsproxy enabled -

To set all servers to MRSProxy Enabled, run the following script.
Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -ADPropertiesOnly | Where {$_.MRSProxyEnabled -ne $true} | Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -MRSProxyEnabled $true

Confirm that MRSProxy is now enabled -


Run the Hybrid Configuration Wizard -

Perform the following on the On-Premises Exchange Server.
Add the EAC site to your trusted sites.

On-Premise Exchange - EAC - Hybrid - Enable -

Sign In to Office 365 -
If you receive an error - 412 Cookies are disabled - Go to Internet Options - Privacy - and drop the slider to Low - Apply

Once applied click the Enable button again.
You will start to download the Hybrid Connection Wizard.

Follow the prompts to install the HCW - Install -

The Hybrid Connection Wizard will run - Click Next

Detect the optimal Exchange Server -
Office 365 Worldwide - Next

Manually enter the On-Premise credentials (or use current Windows Credentials)
Add Office 365 credentials - Sign In

The HCW will run some checks on ports etc.
Note that port 80 at your on-premises needs to port forward to your Exchange MRSProxy servers.

Full Hybrid Configuration

Federation Trust - Enable

Add txt record for domain verification

Configure my Client Access and Mailbox (if Edge is not appropriate)

Receive Connector - Select server -

Send Connector - Select server -

Choose certificate -

Organization FQDN - This is the FQDN of the mail server - mail.teamterry365.com

Update -

You may receive an AutoDiscover error which is safe to ignore.

Congratulations -
You have successfully run the Hybrid Connection Wizard and are now able to start migrating mailboxes to Exchange Online.


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