How to access unlimited FREE Microsoft Training videos for IT Professionals - via EdX

Welcome to the third of my new series of articles on free Microsoft training. 

In this series, we will be looking at the many different free options that are available for training, for IT Professionals, end-users, small businesses, and for presentations and sales.

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How to access unlimited FREE Microsoft Training videos 
for IT Professionals - via EdX


All courses are free ! Link
Note that these courses are free.
The only cost is if you want to verify your successful completion of the course with a verification certificate that is available for $99 USD.

How to register for your free training -
First, visit the main website for edx - Link
Select - Register -
For privacy, I recommend you do NOT log in with your Facebook, Google or Microsoft account.
I recommend you enter your preferred email address to register. Enter your other personal details and 'Create Account'.

How to navigate the website and find courses -
Once you have registered, the site will advise that you have not enrolled in any courses.
Simply click - Explore Courses - to browse the course catalogue.

Searching for courses
In the search box, enter the course search words you want.
In this example, I am searching for 'Office 365'
Select - See all results

I have changed the output display to list rather than tiles so it easier to see the courses.
As you can see below, currently there are 17 'Office 365' courses available.

For this article, I have selected the course - 'Enabling Teamwork with Microsoft Teams'
Simply select - Enroll Now - to enroll

You will then see a page advising that you have enrolled for the course.
If you like, you can pursue a verified certificate which you can purchase for $99 USD.
Of course this fee helps EdX pay for this awesome training, but if you like, you can click -
'Audit this Course'. This will allow you to have complete access to all the course material, activities, tests and forums.

Select - 'Audit this Course' to access the course for free -
Note that if you select 'Audit this Course', you will not be able to receive a certificate to prove you have passed the course.

For this article, I am selecting - 'Audit this Course'.

You will next be taken to the course page.
You can view the course details as below by expanding the sections.

Select any options if needed (purchasing the certificate, etc).

Next, simply click - Start Course - to start the course.

Navigating the course-ware.
Navigating the course is simple and very intuitive.

Courses are self-paced.
Most courses are 'self-paced' which allow you to learn in your spare time without course deadlines adding extra pressure. The course 'Enabling Teamwork with Microsoft Teams' advises -
"This course includes video presentations, demonstrations, interviews, review activities, assessment exams, and hands-on practice labs. It is a self-paced course that will take an estimated 2-4 hours per week to complete over a four week span (assuming you complete one module per week for four weeks, plus the graded labs and final exam in the final week)."

Microsoft Exchange Courses
A search of courses with the keywords - 'Microsoft Exchange' shows 14 results, with only 12 being specifically regarding Microsoft Exchange.

Microsoft Azure courses
Searching for the keywords 'Microsoft Azure' shows 66 results, with virtually all of them being Microsoft Azure courses.

Microsoft courses
Searching for the keyword 'Microsoft' shows 322 results !

Free Courses (Audit Mode) 
Links to the course curriculum - Use the links below to complete the courses in 'audit mode'.
Cloud Admin Professional Program - Link
IT Support Professional Program - Link
Data Science - Link
Big Data - Link
Front-End Web Development - Link
DevOps - Link
Artificial Intelligence - Link
Entry Level Software Development - Link

Example Curriculum details - Cloud Admin Professional Program - Link
Please see below for an example of one of the courses that make up one of the Microsoft Professional Program tracks.
For this article, I have selected the curriculum for - Cloud Admin Professional Program

Microsoft Professional Program Courses
View this - link - to access the eight tracks available as part of the Microsoft Professional Program.
- Data Science - Link
- Big Data - Link
- Front-End Web Development - Link
- Cloud Administration - Link
- DevOps - Link
- IT Support - Link
- Artificial Intelligence - Link
- Entry Level Software Development - Link

Note that if you click 'Enroll' from the links above, you will be redirected to the Microsoft Academy site. If you complete enrollment, you will be agreeing to pay for certification certificates, which will cost you $99 USD per course.

Summary - 
EdX in partnership with Microsoft have created an awesome opportunity for IT Professionals to grow and enhance their skills, all for free. This is definitely a site where you will spend many, many hours learning new skills and gaining valuable experience.
Definitely recommended.


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Congratulations, you now have unlimited access to FREE training for Microsoft Certifications via EdX.


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